November 22: Calamities and Curses

The Society brings you two original tales of supernatural peril, and the second installment of our four-part serial, “The Green Menace!”

“Song of the Bittersweet” from the MORLS original series Dead Men’s Tales (Encore Performance): A mysterious stowaway heralds doom for the embattled crew of the Bittersweet. Eric Webster’s chilling tale of death at sea was originally written and recorded during lockdown for presentation via Zoom. This is the play’s first live performance!

“Runestones are a Girl’s Best Friend” from the MORLS original series Jimmy Montague, Antiquarian for Hire (Premiere): Jimmy investigates the occult activities of Boss Karswell, a gangster with a knack for summoning demons. Joshua English Scrimshaw reimagines James’ 1911 story “Casting the Runes” as a hardboiled thriller. 

“The Green Menace, Episode #2” from Mysterious Assignment (Premiere): A startling discovery confirms Agent Brinkman’s worst fears! The second installment of a four-part serial created by Joshua English Scrimshaw and Tim Uren.