The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society specializes performing original radio drama's, and adaptations of crime, suspense and horror radio drama's, broadcast during the golden age of radio, including classic tales from Lights Out, Suspense, Quiet Please, and more.  Each show is performed in the style of a vintage radio broadcast, complete with commercials breaks, live sound effects, and eerie music.



Monday November 22nd, 7:30 PM

Park Square Theatre

 Historic Hamm Building | 20 West 7th Place | Saint Paul, MN 55102 | Ticket Office 651.291.7005

November 22: Calamities and Curses

The Society brings you two original tales of supernatural peril, and the second installment of our four-part serial, “The Green Menace!”

“Song of the Bittersweet” from the MORLS original series Dead Men’s Tales (Encore Performance): A mysterious stowaway heralds doom for the embattled crew of the Bittersweet. Eric Webster’s chilling tale of death at sea was originally written and recorded during lockdown for presentation via Zoom. This is the play’s first live performance!

“Runestones are a Girl’s Best Friend” from the MORLS original series Jimmy Montague, Antiquarian for Hire (Premiere): Jimmy investigates the occult activities of Boss Karswell, a gangster with a knack for summoning demons. Joshua English Scrimshaw reimagines James’ 1911 story “Casting the Runes” as a hardboiled thriller. 

“The Green Menace, Episode #2” from Mysterious Assignment (Premiere): A startling discovery confirms Agent Brinkman’s worst fears! The second installment of a four-part serial created by Joshua English Scrimshaw and Tim Uren. artisanal, old-school way of making entertainment. Shanan Custer, Joshua English Scrimshaw, Eric Webster and Tim Uren play a variety of hard-boiled stiffs and molls ...The conflicts are refreshingly simple and escapist. The fun is in watching these fine actors work almost exclusively with their voices … and to see them create a sepia-toned world with handmade sound effects.

DOMINIC P. PAPATOLA  - Pioneer Press

...Their love for and knowledge of the genre is evident.  I closed my eyes a few times during the show...because it's almost more chilling and thrilling to just listen and let your imagination create the picture of what's happening.  But it's also fun to watch the performers, who all have such great retro radio voices, with inventive sound effect implements.


Shanan Custer, Joshua English Scrimshaw, Tim Uren, Eric Webster, and Joe Weismann have this down cold — not just the technical aspect, but the tone… Chilling as it might be to experience these tales alone in the dark, it’s much more fun to experience them with a crowd.

City Pages

If you want to enjoy what it was like to enjoy being an audience member during an old radio broadcast, then you can't do better than seeing this company do their show. They just keep getting better every year. These are well-chosen, authentic, radio scripts from the 40s and 50s with live foley and masterful voice acting.


Heather - Audience Member

Two old radio scripts come to vivid life through the talents of seasoned professionals who jump seamlessly through multiple sharply drawn characters, while simultaneously generating sound effects and live music, and seemingly having as much fun in the performance as the audience. This show is pure delight!

Patrick - Audience Member