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Masha and the Bear!

Peter and the Wolf!


Pickaline Productions

Original Musicals

based on traditional

Russian Fairy tales.


 For ALL Ages!

From the very young

to the not so young

these original musicals capture the essence and traditions of Russian Fairy Tales with great original songs and a lot of laughter and joy.  And of course, because it's a fairy tale, a lesson in life!

Each show is under 45 minutes in length

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Oct 06_46.jpg
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Oct 06_44.jpg
Oct 06_47.jpg
Oct 06_49.jpg
Oct 06_50.jpg
Oct 06_41.jpg
Oct 06_39.jpg
Oct 06_43.jpg
Oct 06_38.jpg
Oct 06_31.jpg
Oct 06_30.jpg
Oct 06_20.jpg
Oct 06_18.jpg
Oct 06_23.jpg
Oct 06_27.jpg
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Oct 06_35.jpg
Oct 06_29.jpg
Oct 06_21.jpg
Oct 06_25.jpg
Oct 06_19.jpg
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