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We are in studio recording all 72 chapters of Shades Brigade, and we will be uploading here soon!  Meanwhile, You can hear recordings of some of our live shows below.  


"Of all the long-running shows in the Twin Cities performance scene, Shade’s Brigade is probably the most unique. Created by writer and performer Eric Webster, the show is a live recording of an old time radio show about a group of mercinaries doing covert missions on the eve of World War II in a loving homage to such old time radio serials as I Love A Mystery. With a main cast of four doing all the voices and sound effects (a dazzling ensemble featuring Mr. Webster, Lee Adams, Dave Gangler, and Shanan Custer) For one of the most lovingly homemade yet audaciously fun shows in town, this can’t be beat"  

- Todd O’Dowd -

Shade's Brigade is an ORIGINAL radio adventure/thriller in the style of the golden age of radio.   Performed live on stage with 4 actors playing multiple characters AND producing all the sound effects.  Shade's Brigade is also available for online listening.  


Created and written by

Eric Webster.

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