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‘The show is a delight from start to finish – 

smartly written and beautifully performed, 

often laugh-out-loud funny. 

It’s completely engaging – 

a fine show for several generations of family to see together.”


 Susannah Schouweiler Knights Arts



” I enjoyed being able to go back and forth between watching the action of producing a show, and closing my eyes to imagine the story unfolding.”


 Sophie Kerman, Aisle Say Twin Cities 


” All of the actors have great and expressive voices (and do their own sound effects!), but they also put on an entertaining performance for the live audience.”


 Cherry and Spoon 


From the Audience…


WOW! these guys were outstanding. Fun, fun, fun.
This little show exceeded my expectations in all ways. Talented and creative actors. Amazing to see them switch characters so quickly and successfully. Script is great silly fun – every minute was engaging. I’ll definitely be back for the next installment, and look forward hopefully to listening to the first episode on-line.


They did a great job, very entertaining and my 12 yr old daughter loved it too! Highly recommend this ongoing series and we will be back next month for episode 2!


A really fun evening, and it made a great birthday gift for my companions!


Excellent job of acting and writing. Very entertaining.


These guys took multi-tasking to a whole new level! Pretty amazing how they could change voices from line to line and develop some quite memorable characters. I’ll be back for the next episode for sure! A very entertaining evening!


Funny, Entertaining, thrilling, beautifully produced. We enjoyed every minute of it and plan to go to future episodes.


I dragged my 12 year old son to see Shades Brigade in June. Imagine my surprise when, as we were leaving, he asked if we could go again in July. This is a fun and entertaining nostalgic glimpse into the mystery shows of the Golden Days of Radio. We’ll be returning for the adventures of Jack Shade and his Brigade. Definitely worth a try–give your imagination a workout!

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